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PS 1000 Polar 4.0 Complete Premium



The newly-launched PS1000 Polar 4.0 is a top-of-the-line bioresonance device developed by...more
Product information "PS 1000 Polar 4.0 Complete Premium"

The newly-launched PS1000 Polar 4.0 is a top-of-the-line bioresonance device developed by Rayonex.  Meeting all EU requirements for Class IIA medical device to be applied from 2019.  The ideal device for treating root cause rather than symptoms of ill health.  Operates on the principle that all organisms are regulated by frequencies, and the correct resonating frequencies can induce normal self-regulation. 

PS1000 Polar 4.0 Complete Premium comes with:

  • RAH
  • Rayoscan hardware and software
  • 100 Rayoscan pads used for ECG analysis
  • Independent battery
  • 54 integrated harmonising programs
  • Acupuncture oscillation therapy
  • Patient management of up to 1,000 patients
  • RAH C-Module
  • Rayotensor with cable
  • Rayotensor wooden stand
  • 5 green cards
  • Fabric detector fitted sheet
  • 4 pieces Velcro fabric detectors
  • Treatment chair made from solid beech with black eco-leather upholstery equipped with built-in detector
  • Table made from solid beech with pull-out panel and detectable tray
  • PS10 Basic incorporating C-Module and Vet-Module
  • Rimowa case custom-made for the Polar and accessories
  • Book by Prof Dietmar Heimes: Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt


As with earlier generations of the Polar, Polar 4.0 is developed to generate frequencies with the right shape and intensity to trigger healthy regulatory processes.  A Polar’s outstanding features include:

  • A touch-screen monitor for fast and comfortable testing and harmonising procedures;
  • A modular design that allows users to add different software modules such as Acupuncture Oscillation, C-Module, Vet-Module, etc;
  • A dipole antenna system producing harmonious decadal frequency spectra 5 at a time, making for faster harmonisation;
  • a newer system of bioresonance analysis and harmonisation called RAH, which are programs generated by computer-aided modulation to produce more organic harmonising effects of bioresonance.  The programs address health issues including allergy relief, immune function boosting, deficiencies in minerals and vitamins, imbalance in acupuncture meridians, pain and inflammation, chronic conditions including cell degeneration, as well as stresses from bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, vaccines, heavy metals, chemical toxins, e-smog and geopathic influences;  

  • Informative RAH testing with on-screen pictorial display of organ parts;
  • Inclusion of Measuring Cup and Protection Cup for easy testing of foods, supplements and allergens, as well as for quick energy duplication.


The added values in the upgraded Polar 4.0 include:

  • Super fast RAH, with 1-second loading time, making for efficient testing and program selection;
  • New operating system and more powerful CPU for future developments;
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with run time of up to 4 hours, allowing for harmonisations without cable-generated electromagnetic fields;
  • Simple software updating over the internet;
  • Easy printing of hard or soft copy reports with drivers for HP, Canon or Epson printers;
  • Adjustable background screen colours;
  • Integrated training videos.


Warranty: 1 year

We provide full training for use of the device, testing and harmonisations.

Wholesale discounts are available for established practitioners.  For inquiries please click here.

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