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PS 1000 Polar 4.0 Complete


Rayocomp PS 1000 polar Complete 4.0



The PS1000 Polar 4.0 is the top-of-the-line bioresonance device developed by Rayonex. ...more
Product information "PS 1000 Polar 4.0 Complete"

The PS1000 Polar 4.0 is the top-of-the-line bioresonance device developed by Rayonex.  Meeting all EU requirements for Class IIa medical device, it is ideal for treating root causes in addition to symptoms of ill health.  It operates on the principle that all organisms are regulated by frequencies, and the correct resonating frequencies can induce normalised self-regulation. 

The “Polar 4.0 Complete” set includes the automatic, ECG-based analysis system for resonance frequencies as well as a number of modules and accessories as follows:

  • RAH;
  • Rayoscan hardware and software;
  • 100 Rayoscan pads used for ECG analysis;
  • 54 integrated harmonising programs;
  • Acupuncture oscillation therapy;
  • Patient management of up to 1,000 patients;
  • RAH C-Module;
  • Rayotensor with cable;
  • 5 green cards;
  • Fabric detector fitted sheet;
  • 4 pieces Velcro fabric detectors;
  • Rimowa case custom-made for the Polar and accessories;
  • Book by Prof Dietmar Heimes: Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt.

Outstanding features of Polar 4.0:

  • Super fast RAH, with 1-second loading time, making for efficient testing and program selection;
  • New operating system and more powerful CPU for future developments;
  • Capability for simple software updating over the internet;
  • Easy printing of hard or soft copy reports with drivers for HP, Canon or Epson printers;
  • Adjustable background screen colours;
  • Integrated training videos;
  • Inclusion of Measuring Cup and Protection Cup for easy testing and harmonisation of foods, supplements and allergens, as well as for quick energy duplication.

Warranty: 1 year

We provide full training for use of the device, testing and harmonisations. 

Established practitioners are welcome to join us as our wholesale partners.  For inquiries please contact us.

Polar 4.0 Rayonex頂級產品,亦是歐盟規定下的IIa類醫療器材,功效得到2019年雙盲隨機對照試驗的驗證,不但治標更針對治本,其原理是以天地間的自然頻率觸動生物的自我調節機制,使其正常化從而促進健康。 

“Polar 4.0 Complete” 配套包括以下模式及配件: 

  • RAH 程式;
  • Rayoscan 掃描硬件及軟件;
  • Rayoscan 掃描貼100塊;
  • 生理諧調特別程式54個;
  • 穴位針灸模式;
  • 千人客戶檔案管理;
  • RAH 細胞模式;
  • 測試手棒跟連接線;
  • 5 張綠卡
  • 單人傳達布匹;
  • 魔術貼傳達布條 4 條;
  • Rimowa 牌Polar機專用行李箱;
  • 海密斯教授原著 Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt。  

Polar 4.0 特色強項包括: 

  • 超快RAH程式應用,下載時間只需一秒,令測試和諧調都十分快速方便;
  • 可網上更新或下載升級版軟件;
  • 容易打印或編製報告(適用於HP、Canon或Epson打印機);
  • 可更換屏幕背景顏色;
  • 內置培訓視頻;
  • 包括量杯及保護杯方便測試及諧調各種食物、補充品、致敏原等,並可複製能量。 




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