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PS 10 Evolution



With the Evolution model, one can use a Green Card for harmonisations or freely select RAH...more
Product information "PS 10 Evolution"

With the Evolution model, one can use a Green Card for harmonisations or freely select RAH programs listed in a comprehensive Compendium.

RAH, standing for Rayonex Analysis and Harmonisations, is a comprehensive set of programs put together by expert therapists. They are combinations of frequency spectra generated by computer-aided modulation, which efficiently produces the harmonising effects of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt. The programs target health issues including deficiencies in minerals and vitamins, imbalance in acupuncture meridians, stresses from bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, vaccines, heavy metals, chemical toxins, e-smog and geopathic influences, pain and inflammation, and chronic conditions including cell degeneration.

The Evolution comes with an RAH Compendium and allows for simple testing of RAH programs using a Rayotensor (not included).  

PS10 harmonisations provide strong benefits for both humans and animals.  When used together with a Measuring Cup or Protection Cup (not included), intolerance to foods and substances can be reduced. 

Warranty: 1 year

We provide full training for use of the device, testing and harmonisations.

Established practitioners are welcome to join us as our wholesale partners.  For inquiries please contact us.

“PS10 Evolution” 有自選RAH程式的進階功能,除了可以綠卡進行能量的諧調外,還可閱覽內容豐富的RAH冊子自選所需程式。


“PS10 Evolution” 隨機附送RAH冊子,除可自選程式外,配以測試棒(需另外購買)可進行簡單的程式測試。





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