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PS 10 Basic


Rayocomp PS 10 basic



PS10 Basic is the simplest model for harmonisations with the memory Green Card. Easy to use...more
Product information "PS 10 Basic"

PS10 Basic is the simplest model for harmonisations with the memory Green Card.

Easy to use - just insert Green Card and connect the device to a detector.

Great value for money - the only model that includes not only RAH programs, but also C-module and Vet-module for harmonisations.

RAH, standing for Rayonex Analysis and Harmonisations, is a comprehensive set of programs put together by expert therapists. They are combinations of frequency spectra generated by computer-aided modulation, which efficiently produces the harmonising effects of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt. The programs target a broad range of health issues including deficiencies in minerals and vitamins, imbalance in acupuncture meridians, stresses from bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, vaccines, heavy metals, chemical toxins, e-smog and geopathic influences, pain and inflammation, and chronic conditions including cell degeneration.

C-module comprises RAH programs targeted at promoting health on a cellular level. Vet-module contains RAH programs specifically created for dogs, cats and horses. These modules are the work of numerous doctors, vets and expert therapists over many years.

Use of the Basic connected to a Measuring Cup or Protection Cup (not included) can help reduce intolerance to foods and substances.

PS10 harmonisations provide strong benefits for both humans and animals.

1-year warranty and full training.

Wholesale discounts are available for established practitioners. For inquiries please click here.

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