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Rayo-Pure is enriched with plant extracts and algae, alpha lipoid acid, MSM and glutathione....more
Product information "Rayo®Pure"

Rayo-Pure is enriched with plant extracts and algae, alpha lipoid acid, MSM and glutathione.  Chlorella, spirulina and parsley are excellent for detoxification; alpha lipoic acid and glutathione with Vitamin C produce potent antioxidant effects; methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) with Vitamin C help build collagen and improve cell flexibility; molybdenum contributes to normal metabolism of sulphurous amino acids.  Ingredients such as curcumin, nettle leaves, artichoke, milk thistle, artichoke and dandelion support the detox functions of liver, kidneys and the lymphatic system.  Rayo-Pure is developed for cleansing the connective tissues especially the extracellular matrix, generally known as the ECM. By binding metabolic waste, toxins and heavy metals, their proper excretion is facilitated. 


Coating agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule shell), chlorella powder, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), cranberry extract (contains proanthocyanidin), spirulina powder, alpha lipoic acid, ground horsetail, ground goldenrod, carbonate, curcuma extract, artichoke powder (contains cynarin), nettle leaf extract, ground dandelion, reduced L-glutathione, acerola extract (contains vitamin C), tri-magnesium phosphate 5-hydrate, milk thistle (contains silymarin), parsley powder, tri-calcium phosphate, black pepper extract (contains piperine), kelp extract (contains iodine), silica, zinc gluconate, rock salt; Haematococcus pluvialis extract (contains astaxanthin), sodium molybdate

Rayo® -Pure is free of animal protein, gluten, milk, lactose and yeast and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Total 180 capsules

Recommended Dosage

Take 3 capsules twice daily with about 200 ml of still water.  Best taken 30 minutes before meal.  


RayoPure 排毒膠囊(180粒)

RayoPure排毒膠囊是Rayonex公司繼ECM進一步改良加強的植物排毒產品,富含多種化合物及植物提取物,包括綠藻、螺絲藻、歐芹等強化排毒。α-硫辛酸及穀胱甘肽配以維他命C提供抗氧化物質掃除自由基;MSM及維他命C增加膠原蛋白的製造並提升細胞柔韌度;木酸鈉幫助正常代謝含硫氨基酸;薑黃素、蕁麻葉、乳薊、朝鮮薊、蒲公英等支援肝、腎、淋巴的排毒功能,加速潔淨體內結締組織包括細胞外基質 (ECM),綑綁代謝殘渣、毒素與重金屬等,幫助身體將有害物正常排走。

成份:羥丙基甲基纖維素 (植物膠囊) (17.43)、綠藻粉 (15.13)、甲磺酰甲烷 (MSM) (12.10)、蔓越莓提取物 (含原花色素) (7.56)、螺旋藻粉(6.35)α硫辛酸 (6.05)、馬尾草 (4.54)、地黃菊 (4.54)、碳酸鉀 (3.76)、薑黃提取物 (3.03)、朝鮮薊粉 (含洋薊蘭) (2.42)、蕁麻葉提取物 (2.27)、蒲公英 (2.27)、穀胱甘肽 (2.27)、西印度櫻桃提取物 (含維他命C) (2.14)、磷酸三鎂水合物 (2.02)、乳薊提取物 (含水飛薊素)歐芹粉、磷酸三鈣、黑胡椒提取物 (含有胡椒鹼)、海帶提取物 (含碘) (0.27)、二氧化矽、葡萄糖酸鋅、岩鹽、雨生紅球藻提取物 (含蝦青素) (0.15)、鉬酸鈉。

RayoPure 排毒膠囊不含動物蛋白質、麩質、牛奶、乳糖和酵母,適合素食人士食用。



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