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Test Set LTS



This is the Footstuffs Test Set. It has 230 ampoules containing a broad range of foodstuffs...more
Product information "Test Set LTS"

This is the Footstuffs Test Set. It has 230 ampoules containing a broad range of foodstuffs including gluten, dairy, grains, meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, beverages, and condiments. 

Test sets provide ampoules of substances that are excellent for testing by bioresonance. Those test sets not available on this website can be specially ordered for purchase.  Please see below chart for reference. 

Product code Description 

Number of ampoules

420 Test set LTS: Foodstuff test set 230
421 Test set A: Drugs 40
444 Test set AB: Drugs 68
422 Test set CS: Environmental chemicals and metals 85
423 Test set DK: Disinfectants and food preservatives 30
424 Test set E: Food additives 68
425 Test set F: Fish, shellfish and mussels 16
426 Test set HK: Household and cosmetics 31
427 Test set M: Mycoses / fungi 31
428 Test set P: Pollen 61
429 Test set PE: Pesticides 33
430 Test set S: Wood / plant fibres 19
431 Test set T: Animal epithelia, mites, insects 25
432 Test set Z: Dental prosthesis material 19
433 Test set GE: Geopathy 20
434 Test set AR: Aromatic substances 25
435 Test set GT: Spices and teas 34
436 Test set I: Vaccines 26
437 Test set O: Ortho-molecular medicine 68
438 Test set TW: Textiles, textile colorants, detergents 60
443 Test set PH: Photo-allergens and light protection substances 23
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